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Pulmonary fibrosis affects tens of thousands of Americans. It is the scarring or thickening of the lungs decreasing the bodies ability to uptake oxygen. There is no cure, although treatments have been implemented to slow progression of the disease.
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is a serious condition which represents a large unmet medical need. Once diagnosed with the disease the life expectancy for most is only a few years.

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My mother passed away from IPF in 2006. We watched as my mother became weaker and weaker as she could not breathe. It was three years from the time she was diagnosed to the time she passed. Just a few years earlier she was roller blading up and down our street, still  in her 70's. In the late stages she would get out and walk down the road with her walker and oxygen tank to keep mobile. She never smoked in her life. She was up before five every morning exercising to keep herself fit.


Named after Kelly Neilane McCarthy (1979-2002) and in memory of Bernice Spencer Conrad (1926-2006)

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To facilitate the growth of the Life Science and Tech industries in Tacoma.  RAIN tackles this through providing accessible hands-on educational experiences for Tacoma’s students, empowering life science start-ups and small businesses, and executing pivotal research in our downtown Tacoma location. 

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